Automotive Fulfillment


One of the world’s top 10 largest automobile manufacturers turned to Metro Supply Chain Group when it needed faster fulfilment of parts to dealerships and service centres in Western Canada. With distribution facilities located in Quebec, Ontario and B.C., fulfilment to the central and midwestern regions was often taking longer than one day – something the company found unacceptable in a time-critical industry.


Intricate modeling showed that relocating one of the three facilities to Alberta was the optimum solution. Apart from securing, designing and fitting a suitable location, our team needed to ensure that all equipment and procedures were in line the process rigour and regulatory compliance required in the automobile industry. In addition, the new facility had to be fully operational within four months and without any perceptible interruption in service levels.


Metro Supply Chain Group located and secured the real estate, refitted the building, engineered transport logistics and the manufacturer was running a new, fully operational distribution facility within thirteen weeks. All service centres in western and central Canada now enjoy standard next-day delivery of parts. In large part due to the supply chain efficiencies created by this solution, the company outsourced operation of its remaining distribution facilities, both of which are now managed by Metro Supply Chain Group.