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When one of Europe’s preeminent chocolate makers wanted to expand production and distribution into the North American market, they were looking for more than a logistics provider. They needed a key enabler – someone who could help them align their growth plans with realistic, flexible solutions. Unproven inventory requirements, temperature-sensitivity and the highly seasonal nature of the confectionery industry were among the challenges that called for a creative approach founded in logistics know-how.


Metro Supply Chain Group provided the level of leadership and flexibility that enabled a very entrepreneurial company to realize ambitious growth plans. Specifically, over the course of some fifteen years, the company was able to start in and grow into a premise that represented its longer term goals. This was accomplished through intricate strategic sharing arrangements (including off-season warehousing of other manufacturers’ products requiring temperature controlled environments). Metro also leveraged its transport infrastructure and networks to build highly efficient distribution systems, starting with wholesale distribution and, soon after, direct to retail.


After a very successful launch, the manufacturer has been able to continually meet the demand that it generates for its product and has experienced sustained growth since its arrival in Canada. Now recognized as a leading provider of premium chocolates in North America, the company operates boutique and outlet stores in addition to its expansive list of retail partnerships. Metro Supply Chain Group continues to be a key part of the company’s growth strategy. Most recently, Metro was engaged to establish a new 500,000 sq. ft. U.S. distribution centre. The state-of-the-art facility, which Metro also manages, includes supply chain innovations such as combined warehouse and packaging operations.