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MHE Operators

Metro Logistics

The forklift operator performs tasks associated with moving goods from one place to another on loading docks or in the warehouse. The operators’ drive and control the forklift which is a motor vehicle used to transport heavy goods around the warehouse. Forklifts have two protruding rigid steel bars on their front which can be lowered and lifted. Operators load heavy boxes on to these steel bars to carry and unload them in designated locations.

The operator might be required to load and unload trucks or trailers, supply work areas with products and transport finished goods to a warehouse storage area. The forklift operator is responsible for inspecting the lifts before use and participating in training sessions for license renewal.


  • Operate a Material Handling Equipment such as; Reach, Dockstocker, Walkie, Counter Balance, Order/Cherry Picker and to move material through the facility as required
  • Work in a fast paced environment building pallets with product to be shipped to fill customer orders
  • Moving pallet to correct locations by reading & scanning labels
  • Ensure tasks get done on-time and accurately
  • Scan product to pallet using an RF Handheld
  • Provide materials to the picking line by physically moving them from stock points along the line, off trailers, and from other storage areas.
  • Makes sure to replenish locations with the right product.
  • Use RF guns to scan items/boxes used for replenishment
  • Actively communicate with supervisors and colleagues to effectively handle material and notify them of problems/concerns
  • Properly document work performed
  • Assist in the effective completion of inventory audits
  • Stacks pallets in designated areas. Clean up and dispose of scrap bracing, cardboard, and strapping and place in proper containers or designated areas
  • Demonstrate respect for the organization’s values on a daily basis, while maintaining and upholding company policies & procedures


  • Must be detail oriented, customer focused, accountable, organized, proactive and demonstrate high sense of urgency
  • Must be a team player with, the ability to work independently and follow instructions
  • Excellent interpersonal, problem solving, critical thinking and mathematics/analytical skills
  • SAP/MRP/ERP systems, experience with Red Prairie and PackManager would be a plus
  • Must be capable of sitting, standing, lifting and walking for extended periods of time
  • Able to lift, on average 50lbs repetitively and safely


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent


  • At least 2-years warehouse experience operating material handling equipment
  • Raymond Reach Operator/Counter Balance/ Dock stocker /Walkie/Order/Cherry Picker experience and valid certification/licensure with a proven track record for safety
  • Experience with a RF scanner


  • Must be detail oriented, customer focused, accountable, organized, proactive and demonstrate high sense of urgency
  • Must have strong communication, interpersonal, problem solving, critical thinking, analytical and teamwork skills
  • SAP/MRP/ERP systems, experience with Red Prairie is a plus

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