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Contract Packaging (Co-Pack) & Value-Added Services

Our Contract packing solutions (or co-pack) are a value added service that comprise an array of outsourced packaging options from simple box labeling to the most complex post-manufacture operations. Contract packing provides retailers an opportunity to differentiate their brands at the consumer level and/or comply with specific regulatory standards. Flexibility, tighter control of lead time and the ability to benefit from economies of scale are among the other advantages.

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Metro has market-leading packaging management solutions which include full integration of pack management, inventory and warehouse systems/processes.  We currently support post-manufacturing operations within seven facilities positioned across North America. Each location provides a wide range of co-pack services from concept design through manual assembly and display builds to automated sub-manufacturing – all integrated with leading-edge EDI technology to ensure real time transparency across all inventory management platforms.

In many of our operations we have designed and implemented customized equipment and production lines to deal with specific requirements to gain maximum efficiency.

Co-packing Services at a Glance
Custom contract packaging solution packaging line
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Automated Bundle Wrapping
  • Shrink Sleeving
  • Horizontal Flow Wrapping
  • Horizontal Cartoning
  • Combination Scaling
  • Display Builds (counter PDQ, Floor displays, Full and half pallet)
  • Poly Bag Heat Sealing
  • Automatic coding / Ink Jet Printing
  • Re-Packaging and Labeling
  • Compliance Rework
  • Materials Procurement / Materials Financing
  • Packaging Design and Development
  • Lot Tracking and Lot Recall
  • KPI Reporting
  • SKU Specification Documentation Creation and Control
  • Price Tagging and Control
  • Quality Sortation and Analysis
  • Product Inspection
  • Complete solution design and integration including customized equipment