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Information Technology (IT) & Information Systems (IS)

Harnessing Data in the Data Age

Our IT department is made up of over 30 dedicated systems professionals focused on continually improving IT usage and information exchange. With a wide range of tier one supply chain systems and planning/modeling expertise, our team can integrate even the most divergent applications into a single, manageable IT system. From warehouse and yard management through transport management, we have the competency to architect, deploy and support leading-edge, profit-driven logistics information solutions.

Efficient logistics management depends on instantaneous real time access to accurate information. Barcode and RF technologies have come a long toward making this happen, but are only as effective as the electronic data interchange (EDI) systems that turn scans into useable information. Our advanced EDI and flexible reporting technologies allow us to format and deliver the information you require, when and where you need it.

Employee scanning a barcode

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