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Supply Chain & Network Consulting

Logistics Knowhow in Practice

Our team of experienced consultants draws on first-hand industry experience to help clients achieve their goal of a strong, serviceable supply chain that supports both growth and business agility. All of our solutions are grounded by the realities of practical application. We provide our clients with industry thought leadership, challenging the status quo and identifying emerging technologies, but our guiding dictate is that a solution a) can be implemented now and b) adds value to the organization.

By drawing on skillsets from across our entire operation, Metro Supply Chain Group provides real, actionable plans that consider every aspect of the supply chain from global sourcing through warehouse and transport design.

Boardroom meeting table

At Metro, we understand that your supply chain is just one part of a bigger story. Our consulting expertise extends to all aspects of your operation (people management, health and safety, training, procurement etc.) that interact with and support a high-functioning supply chain.