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Specialist Products

The experience and knowledge to conceive of and deploy unique solutions for customers with specialized distribution needs is what truly differentiates Metro Supply Chain Group in the industry. Whether it’s regulatory compliance, temperature/environmental storage requirements, continued safety testing or any combination of product-specific post-manufacture handling needs, we have the resources to move specialized goods successfully to their end-user.

Health/Regulated Products

Taking care of the products that take care of us all

Doctors performing surgery

Shipping any healthcare-related product comes with its own set of unique requirements. Regulatory compliance, controlled storage, speed, and potential theft of high-value inventory are just a few of the challenges faced by manufacturers of healthcare (or any regulated) products. Metro Supply Chain Group has the healthcare supply experience to meet all challenges head-on.


Providing logistics solutions to the forest products industry

Large rolls of paper in one of our storage facilities

At Metro, we’ve built a team of dedicated professionals who champion forestry supply chain solutions. Whether you produce pulp, paper or recycled fibres, our experts understand the logistics challenges that are unique to the forestry industry and can provide innovative transportation management, storage and handling solutions.


Catering to the customized requirements of specialized industries

Worker handling oil barrel

Working with customers in the Oil and Gas Industry, Metro supports the complex handling and storage needs that are specific to the sector. In other Industrial Solutions we create unique/specific processes such as sub-manufacturing, returns/repair services etc.