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The Metro Supply Chain Group Story

Over 40 years ago, Metro Supply Chain Group began with a simple commitment to offer warehousing solutions within the Quebec marketplace. In the late 1980’s, under the leadership of Chiko Nanji, that vision expanded to capitalize on economies of scale and expanded service capabilities to create growth for both the company and its customers across Canada.

Since then the company has developed further to become a leading provider of third party logistics (3PL) and supply chain solutions to enterprises in both North America and Europe. Our customers in the retail, consumer packaged goods, automotive and specialized industries have come to depend on Metro to deliver a standard of leadership, ingenuity and reliable service that helps them drive their businesses forward.

Flexibility, cost-effectiveness and transparency are still the key drivers of logistics innovation and remain at the core of our offerings along the length of the supply chain – from raw material to final purchase.

Today, we provide highly customized solutions encompassing a broad range of logistics services to many industry sectors, underpinned by two clear statements of intent:

“We Only Exist to Support our Customers with the Best Possible Service at the Lowest Possible Cost.”
“Our Customers Expect Real Thought Leadership from us in Ways That Add Tangible Benefit to Their Business”

Our History

In 1974, company founder Chiko Nanji, saw the need for reliable warehousing services within a region of Quebec. In the late 1980’s, that vision had expanded, capitalizing on economies of scale and expanded service capabilities to create growth for both the company and its customers.

Today, with over 6,000 employees across more than 50 sites offering a full range of logistics and supply chain solutions, Metro Supply Chain Group continues to create growth with the same simple philosophy – help businesses do business.

Logistics. Where size does matter.

The Metro Supply Chain Group of companies is the largest privately held Canadian-owned provider of third party logistics, managing operations of over twelve million square feet and with a team of more than 6000. The group has the capabilities to service the most complex and challenging distribution needs. For our customers, our physical size, financial strength and buying power translates into measurable capabilities through economies of scale. Although, ‘large enough to serve, we are also small enough to care’. We believe in creating fewer but deeper relationships and working to grow our business through these partnerships. We maintain a flat organizational structure, meaning decisions can be made quickly and effectively and an entrepreneurial energy flows through everything we do.

The Metro Culture

What we value is at the heart of our business, embodied in Our Culture. There are four key pillars that underpin our entire philosophy:

Metro Supply Chain Group key pillar philosophy

It is all about driving the entire organization behaviour to do the right things in the right way at all times.

For Our Customer it is about driving the right behaviours that match the customers’ business imperatives of Sustainability, Quality, Continuous Improvement and the quest for Perfect Orders, all while maintaining operating safety, cost and quality of service.

Glass globe of earth nestled in a patch of grass

Making a difference in Our World.

This is a key pillar of Our Culture and is addressed in two ways; social and environmental responsibility.

All of our operations and team are encouraged to participate and support local charities, events and community projects. We ensure that the support is relevant to the local community and is personal to the team. One of our more active national initiatives has included workplace adjustments to accommodate people with specific/special needs.

Our Team also recognize the importance of our impact on Our World. Sustainability is a core imperative at Metro and one that flows from our own practices to our offerings. Bio-degradable packaging, low energy technologies and recycling, including reducing landfill waste, are just of the few of the initiatives we’ve introduced to help ensure that our customers’ sustainability objectives are respected through the entirety of their supply chain.

At the heart of our belief is a total life cycle approach, not just a feel-good answer i.e. using FSC approved products vs. recycled (which is the more sustainable).

The Executive Team