Get tailored solutions aligned with your operational and sustainability goals

Looking for a single supply chain service or a full end-to-end solution?

Leveraging leading-edge technology and business intelligence, we collaborate with you on flexible solutions that scale with your business.

Protect your brand with a performance-driven team motivated to continually deliver exceptional service at every stage of the journey.

Supply chain consulting

Address the complexity and costs of running a modern operation by reimagining your supply chain with the support of our trusted team of advisors.


Build efficient multi-channel distribution

Centre your fulfillment around your customers’ needs using advanced technology, proven processes, and a team of experts focused on continuous improvement.


Capitalize on a complete transportation solution

Steer your business in the right direction with a tailored first, mid and last-mile transportation solution that includes zero-emission home delivery.

Contract packing

Scale with a turnkey contract packing solution

Get a tailored solution for all your contract packing needs, including procurement, design, production, fulfillment and transportation.


Metro Supply Chain plans $100m+ investment in its fulfillment network.

This investment will allow us to highly automate several of our fulfillment facilities to provide ecommerce solutions that deliver a rapid, reliable and seamless experience.

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