Supply chain innovation

Build a better future

Adapt quickly to changing needs with practical solutions driven by transformative innovations such as digital technology, IoT and automation.

Our innovation strategy

Data-driven and collaborative, we take your business further by infusing continuous improvement into everything we do. Using fresh thinking and the latest tools, we develop and scale solutions that respond to the rapid digital transformation leaders are experiencing today so they can more confidently face the future.

Automation and robotics

Using smart and agile technologies that accelerate productivity, our engineers help you identify, build and implement solutions that increase throughput and manage peaks. Gain visibility and predictability with advanced goods-to-person systems, collaborative robots, vertical lift modules and advanced sortation systems.

Information technology

Capitalize on our investment in an advanced and proven technology stack that seamlessly integrates into your systems and optimizes your supply chain. Gain visibility into your operations with tailored reporting. Our in-house IT experts work as an extension of your team.

State-of-the-art innovation hub

To help shape the future of supply chain, we are building an innovation hub at our Mississauga, Canada, office supported by incubation centres across our operations. Scheduled for 2025, this state-of-the-art facility will prototype and showcase the latest innovations and technologies in workshops and events for our customers, partners and vendors.


Metro Supply Chain plans $100m+ investment in its fulfillment network.

This investment is to highly automate several of our fulfillment facilities to provide ecommerce solutions that deliver a rapid, reliable and seamless experience.

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