Align to your sustainability goals

Partner with us to drive greater environmental, social and economic impact. Through our strategic actions and sustainable procurement practices, we can help you meet your sustainability goals.

Sustainability is a core value at Metro Supply Chain and we understand our important duty to act responsibly. As one of our six company values, sustainability is reflected in our operations from the top down and bottom up.

Metro Supply’s Chain’s aligned vision and company-wide goals help us to keep sustainability top of mind and track our impact. We map our efforts against, and go beyond, recognized global standards. The data we receive on our organization’s sustainable procurement, environment, labour and human rights, and ethics allow us to focus our efforts on where they will make the biggest difference.

We are keenly aware of the effects the supply chain industry has on the planet and are continuously evolving and innovating our thinking, practices and policies to create a positive impact on our planet, people, customers and communities.

We’re mindful of our social, economic and environmental impact and seek ways to work more sustainably and add more value to our customers, company, team and world. Our sustainability efforts encompass three pillars: economic, environmental and social.


From a single warehouse to an international company employing 6,000 associates, we are continuously evolving and growing. Through direct job creation in our 95-plus facilities we are helping to shape and strengthen the sustainability of the supply chain workforce with positive economic impacts to suppliers and communities in Canada, the US and Europe. We continue to use our size and entrepreneurial spirit to generate job growth and economic opportunity.


We’re committed to practices that help protect our planet. From LED lighting and addressing single-use plastics to waste management and building a more sustainable head office, we are investing in sustainable solutions. As an early adopter in last-mile fleet electrification, we are reducing our carbon emissions and supporting our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.


We foster a workplace that supports our team’s physical and psychological safety aided by a transparent, open-door policy. We also help them grow professionally with dedicated development programs.

To continue to advance gender equity in our workplace, we are partnering with organizations focused on gender justice. We also are active in hiring differently abled team members, as everyone has the right to meaningful work.

To make meaningful change, we donate our time and resources to local communities. It has also been important for us to support local and global charities to address inequities. Our team has been actively involved in raising funds and awareness to eradicate various forms of cancer, food inequity, and humanitarian relief to global crises.

Our governance structure, made up of leadership and a dedicated CSR Committee with representation across the company, ensures sustainability is embedded in our decision-making and actions.

Committed to evolving for the better

As a growth-oriented company with operations in six countries, our goal is to continually strengthen our impact company-wide. We have aligned with the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which are intended to support corporate sustainability. These principles help us uphold our responsibilities to both people and the planet. Where possible, we look to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals to extend our impact.


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In 2021, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a working group report that addressed the “most up-to-date physical understanding of the climate system and climate change.

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