Contract Packing Solutions

Build a nimble operation with data-driven contract packing solutions

As a core sector of your supply chain, contract packing can drive significant value for your business. We collaborate with you on end-to-end offerings powered by advanced automation, robotics and AI that continually optimize your production and labour.

With decades of experience delivering flexible turnkey contract packing solutions across high-volume sectors, we tailor solutions that scale with you including everything from procurement, packaging design and production to sorting, kitting and assembly to ready-display building, wrapping and bundling and price tagging and control.

Respond swiftly to seasonal changes in volume and labour with a flexible solution built on the latest automation, robotics and AI that addresses your unique SLAs and scales with you. Our proven track record of collaborating with customers gets you up and running quickly.

Gain a transparent view of your full operation with the support of our advanced business intelligence capabilities. Our experienced IT team can integrate with even the most complex ERPs using the latest industry standard protocols. Customized communication rules can cater to specific workflows.

Our seasoned team is always looking for ways to boost your throughput. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped our global customers optimize their labour and production processes using our unique continuous improvement framework. Robust cloud-based quality control modules streamline and manage daily quality checks and enforce standard control procedures across lines and sites.

Partner with us to drive greater environmental, social and economic impact. Through our sustainable procurement practices and other strategic actions we are taking as an organization, we work with you to meet your sustainability goals.