Reverse Logistics

Improve customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line

Support your growing ecommerce business with a seamless and cost-effective returns management process that leverages our experienced team, advanced technology and best practices.

Quickly and effectively manage warranty claims and repairs with a dedicated support team who work directly with retailers and customers to assess faulty products, conduct repairs, and initiate recalls when necessary.

Our professionally qualified technicians and engineers ensure that repaired products are tested for quality assurance before they are returned to customers for vendors.

Leveraging our culture of continuous improvement, our technicians go through training courses to expand their knowledge to execute new and changing requests while also providing the equipment needed for specialized repairs.

Some of the items we repair are:

  • Car seats
  • Stroller
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Furniture

Maximize product recovery with a tailored and cost-efficient ecommerce return solution. We help you generate revenue from returned and end-of-line products through resale on global ecommerce platforms that maximize the value of your goods and protect established retail sales channels.

Meet your sustainability goals with the support of our environmentally friendly solutions for disposing and recycling everything from big and bulky goods to ecommerce returns.

Give your products a second life with an experienced team of qualified technicians managing all processes in-house required to prepare unwanted and damaged goods for reuse.

We refurbish, repair, and test returned products to ensure customer satisfaction and end-user safety while providing a quick turnaround for resale.