Ecommerce Solutions

Deliver an exceptional consumer experience every time

Today’s ecommerce environment is unpredictable and expensive.

Consumers are looking for more options, causing demand to fluctuate wildly. That’s on top of seasonal peaks. Real estate and labour costs are also rising.

Get to market and build capacity for future growth with a purpose-built ecommerce solution that responds to your changing business needs and integrates seamlessly with your systems.

Gain needed cost certainty and predictability while building end-to-end operational efficiencies. Our highly automated solutions accelerate fulfillment and allow you to easily navigate large swings in seasonal demand, with plenty of flexibility to grow.

Reach customers with fast shipping options serviced from multiple locations and via multi-channels. Our distributed order management system balances service and cost using tailored business rules and real-time inventory level tracking.

Optimize order fulfillment and replenishment with a solution that provides instant visibility into your inventory. Our dedicated customer service teams can effortlessly manage product repairs and customer returns.

Provide up-to-date product availability and delivery lead times thanks to seamless integration with our ecommerce and your front-end commerce platform. Benefit from our predictive last-mile delivery tracking and real-time updates.


Metro Supply Chain is building a better fulfillment experience for ecommerce customers.

Managing seasonal peaks and unpredictable consumer demand will look very different for Metro Supply Chain’s ecommerce fulfillment customers by the end of 2022.

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