Fleet Management Solutions

Expertly managed so you can focus on your business

Get a tailored solution that gives you the control and flexibility to cost-effectively manage high service levels without compromising your customers’ delivery experience.

Gain front-row fleet visibility into real-time usage, performance and efficiency to ensure your network is optimized and to unlock significant cost savings. Receive around-the-clock personalized support from our dedicated customer support team.

Get a dedicated workforce that is managed by us but functions as an integral part of your business. Whether you require full-time employees, subcontractors or a hybrid workforce, our experienced fleet management team recruits, trains and manages service-focused drivers who act as an extension of your brand.

Benefit from a customized fleet strategy focused on improving your overall performance. With a proven record of achieving the highest levels of service in both B2C and B2B operations, our team will design a flexible solution that adds needed capacity during peak periods.

As first movers in zero-emission home delivery, we help you overcome the high entry costs and unique challenges associated with electric fleets so you can deliver on your sustainability commitments. Learn more about fleet electrification in our special white paper.

Build a strategy that improves operations and reduces your risks. Our vast experience and verified pool of major leasing companies and OEMs will have you up and running quickly. We can also custom-design asset-based solutions to suit your unique needs.

Leave the daily fleet management and compliance to us. Our advanced technology stack offers dynamic route planning and monitoring to ensure optimal fleet and fuel utilization to contain costs. Our high safety and regulatory compliance standards minimize liabilities.