Parcel Delivery Solutions

Build customer loyalty with fast and reliable same and next-day service

Thrive in today’s hyper-competitive market with small parcel last-mile delivery that delivers the speed, reach and flexibility you need.

With our people and our technology, you get seamless same and next-day deliveries seven days a week, 364 days a year.

Advanced tracking and dedicated customer support ensures you and your customers have access to real-time visibility of deliveries from source to destination.

Whether it’s daytime or evening delivery, or same-day or next-day service, we transport parcels of all sizes to businesses and end consumers across North America. Our scalable solutions allow you to ramp up or down to meet demand.

Leverage our scale and know how to consistently deliver an exceptional experience that helps you build brand loyalty and expand your reach. Our high track record of delivering on time – the first time – puts your customers in good hands.

Gain visibility and track shipments in real-time with powerful and predictive AI-driven tools. With SMS and email notifications, your customers can conveniently follow their package from pickup to delivery.

From well-trained personnel to robust control modules to transparent performance management, our team is well trained to handle attended, unattended, curbside and threshold deliveries as well as high-value items that need extra care.

Easily optimize and route your fleet throughout the day based on real-time needs. Our technology equips drivers with the most efficient delivery route to ensure we hit the estimated arrival time while reducing our fuel consumption and our carbon footprint.