Deploying world-class robotic hive technology to retail and ecommerce customers in 2022

Advanced automation

To provide our customers with a competitive edge, this year Metro Supply Chain continued to invest significantly in our technology, automation and business intelligence. In December we launched our exciting new AutoStore robotic hive facility in Ontario, Canada, for apparel brands that need a scalable multi-user fulfillment solution. We also invested in autonomous mobile robots to continually improve productivity and safety and protect against a contracting labour market. Finally, in 2022 we handled 40 million contract packing units.

Scaled our ecommerce solutions

The scale and breadth of our ecommerce warehouse operations continues to grow, with more than 40 of the world’s most reputable brands now using our fulfillment services across North America and the UK. In 2022, our team fulfilled more than 32 million units for our customers. We also launched an “ecomm-in-a-box” technology solution for our scaling customers.

Invested in our team 

As a people-powered business, we continued to welcome new team members with needed skills and experiences. We also provide a rich learning environment for people to develop and grow. In fact, we enhanced our long-standing Our Way culture program, which we offer in addition to our varied leadership and internship initiatives across the company.

Scaled our infrastructure

With last-mile logistics and delivery growing exponentially, we acquired Quick Contractors to be able to unify the customer experience for home delivery and product installation. We more than doubled the number of facilities we run in the UK with the acquisition of Century Logistics and expanded our business into Portugal and China.

Progressed our corporate social responsibility

To drive greater environmental, social and economic impact, we took some strategic actions this year that support our local communities and planet. We doubled our electric fleet to now operate in Quebec and British Columbia and invested in new systems to track our greenhouse gas emissions. To advance gender equity in our workplace, we partnered with a national organization focused on gender justice. We also continued to donate our time and resources to local communities, raising $360,000 for charity this year.