Metro acquires National Fulfillment Services

Metro Supply Chain Group Inc. (“Metro”) announced today that it has acquired National Fulfillment Services Inc. (“NFS”). Headquartered in Aston Pennsylvania, NFS is a privately-owned company with a more than fifty year tenure in direct-to-consumer fulfillment.

Metro’s Group President, Martin Graham, sees this as an important step in the build-out of the company’s e-commerce (B2C) services which operate under the E24 brand. “NFS has recently expanded its operations onto the west coast of the U.S and now, as part of the Metro family, we expect to see their service offering expanded to two Canadian centres within the year.”

“NFS was there at the genesis of systems-based fulfillment and grew up in step with that industry,” says NFS President, Tom Krueger. “We started developing fulfillment software in 1965 and have built an array of solutions that encompass order management (including payment), customer call centres and comprehensive warehousing and distribution. Simply put, we provide full service, turnkey e-commerce fulfillment that can respond and adapt to each customer’s unique requirements.”

Metro’s Chiko Nanji, Group Chairman, describes this latest acquisition as a natural step in the evolution of the Montreal-based logistics company: “Our business has always been about staying at the edge of innovation and providing a seamless and exceptional customer experience. NFS strategically aligns with that mandate.”

About Metro Supply Chain
Metro Supply Chain is a strategic supply chain solutions partner for some of the world’s fastest growing and most recognizable organizations. Managing more than 12 million square feet in over 96 sites across North America and Europe with a team of 6,000, it is the largest privately-owned supply chain solutions company based in Canada. For almost 50 years, Metro Supply Chain’s scale, wide capabilities and entrepreneurial structure has enabled it to meet its customers’ most challenging supply chain needs, including the creation of complex e-commerce fulfillment and last-mile delivery networks. 

About National Fulfillment Services
National Fulfillment Services was conceived as a software consulting firm in the early 1970s (considerably before “software” was a commonly understood term) by former Sperry Univac programmer Gene Krueger. The company, whose initial clients included McGraw Hill and TV Guide, has continually adapted its systems and capabilities to provide relevant end-to-end fulfillment solutions. Today, NFS is recognized as an innovator in its field, noted for its ability to combine data analysis with warehousing/distribution proficiency and advanced end-user care to provide worry-free, third-party fulfillment to a global customer base. For more information, visit